Happy New Year.

The passage of time is just that, a passage. The present is merely a collection of forces of what we perceive is happening around us, to us and from us. The tangible laws we follow, mathematical and logical are theoretical only to be proven or disproven within our own ideas of what is absolute. Here we have built a universe from perception, one that degrades and gives birth in cycles. We are never certain of the possible outcomes, but we are certain of our own efforts, an undeniable force towards something even when we are running away.

You will disapprove or prove me wrong only to have something doubt you. Over and over….lover lover omniscient lover. Do it.

We spin, the world turns with us. We deteriorate and crumble. The mountains we conquer erode to pebbles under our feet as we fall. What stays forever? What do we grab onto for stability? Nothing is sturdy enough to hold that power. Yet we rely on the intangible, the unstable, stable mind, the fickle connections, the things coming out of our bodies and brains for truth, for certainty which we quietly doubt. Here you will find nothing you can count on except a number that can be wiped out in the blink of a solar flare. The Sun’s blinking, bursting back at you right now.

What will we grab onto when the books are all gone?

We continue towards nothing. Belief in nothing. Survive for nothing. Rely on nothing. Out of nothing and zero we define everything. The eyes open, the hands feel, we move history within us and consume dear love love love. You are the kings and queens of solid reliance and stubborn plasticity. We don’t need this.

We don’t need this. A back hand to the face makes the perpretrator alive and the survivor aware. Our defensive systems are up, but please don’t let them hinder our progression.

It’s time to start anew. It’s time to get down. It’s time to keep moving. It’s time for us to go beyond feeling and theory. It’s time for us to destroy time and give it life. We are knights and empresses of change, but we stand still in our uncertainty. Destroy it so we can continue. Destroy it so we can go beyond just travelling back through time on just a lighted screen. Move to change to stabilize in morphing, evolving, getting back to….that slap that made us scream out our first cries.

With a handshake? A caress? A hand to give? A pat on the back? A slap? Or simply reaching out to grasp…

Well, dear, you tell me. It is your idea after all.

F = m * a

Much love,


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