Just an interesting little tidbit from today…

Remember my post this week about my dog Tika? https://jacquelinevalencia.wordpress.com/2011/09/29/tika/

Today I met an old woman who was lost on the bus with her little dog. She wasn’t too sure of where she was going and kept asking the bus driver and myself if we knew her. After a few minutes we figured out her stop. I sat on the same bench as her and her little dog leapt into my lap. The old woman scolded the dog and apologized for its behavior. I told her it was totally okay. As I petted the dog she licked my cheeks and I felt like dying of the cuteness. It looked almost exactly like Tika, only this dog had more patches.

I asked the old woman the name of her dog. She said she named her Jacqueline, after Jacqueline Onassis. Funny, my parents name me after Jacqueline Onassis too.

I asked to take a picture of my dog name twin, Jacqueline.

I’m not much for chatting up strangers on the bus, but today was an interesting day in transit for me. The city seems like it’s buzzing with something different.

Now my legs are still recovering from an earlier cycling commute to the radio station and my brain is busy on the blueprints of a Star Wars birthday cake for my daughter.

Cute dog, eh?

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