Revisions. Making of my chapbook.

I’ve revised the title for the chapbook. “Tal Vez” means maybe in Spanish. As I’ve journeyed through thoughts and images, things have translated differently than when I started this project. I’ve paired down and realized I’m dealing with both a joyously pleasant and horribly splenetic subject. The words ‘tal vez’ are linguistically ascribed to my mom’s kitchen, my dad’s radio, and to my family gatherings. They are words from a world where growing up in Canada with a Colombian background involves a great deal of Spanglish in your vocabulary. It’s a subject and category all  on its own.

I’ve chosen to re-title it: “Maybe”

The litmus test was the night I spotted the Selwyn Fireball. How incredible that sight was, I thought, but sights like that happen every day. Why aren’t we more amazed about the blazing sun that could extinguish us at any minute with a simple solar flare? Why aren’t we more in awe of the glorious design that Nature/chance has seemingly balanced just so? Is it indifferent to our continued existence? We live in a perpetual state of uncertainty that we close our eyes to it. Our blinders are on every day just to keep life simple. Maybe we find the beauty in it ineffable. Put your sunglasses on, look at the sidewalk, stare straight ahead, and you can pretend it’s a day just like every other day. Tomorrow it will all still be there just the way you left it? Maybe…it won’t.

The sighting of the fireball prompted me to explore the dialectic of ‘Maybe’ (the word and the concept), not the issues with ‘tal vez.’

“Maybe” is a poetry & short story chapbook with illustrations.

If I print it the same way as I did with “Tristise,” or if I peddle it to the small presses, either way I’m so very glad I’ve adventured in creating it. Many thanks to all who have given me encouragement, advice and editorial insight. So far, it’s been a rewarding experience.

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