From the Maybe launch.

Photo by Jennifer Valencia

I started it off with an André Breton  poem and went from there. It was a very fun night. Thank you to all who came! Many thanks also to Playful Grounds Cafe for hosting the event.

To those who have asked for artwork prints, shoot me an email at j.valenciapoetrydotcom and I’ll arrange for it!

Paperbacks are available through me as well (always in my backpack), and you can still find them free and downloadable here:

Look for a story of mine in an upcoming ebook by Little Fiction called “Listerature” (out on March 7th), and some of my poetry in the next print issue of dead (g)end(er) magazine.

Now to get back to some submissions and editing. Ohhhh editing.


A review so far for “Maybe”: ”

“Great language & imagery in ‘ready’ (“sour planets outside my door”). I was totally delighted by MIMO– I am a Sci-Fi Sucker! ‘google maybe image pantoum’ had an amazing rhythm.”A.G. Pasquella


  1. Sorry I could not be in Toronto for this (terrific dress btw–a real show-stopper). I looked for your story in Little Fiction but couldn’t see it, Is it there yet? If so, could you send me a link? Thanks.


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