New work….

I’ve been busy working on a few projects (as I always am). These two are from a set of 20 (so far) that I’ve been putting together. Works inspired by some of my favorite thinkers.

“Debord” (on watercolor and ink)

 “Nietzsche” (watercolor and ink)

Debord is based on “Society of the Spectacle” and Nietzche is based on “On The Geneology of Morals.” I have quite a few around (Carl Jung, Kant, and Dostoevsky, to name a few) and am planning on deconstructing this idea in a bigger form. Watercolor isn’t my main medium, but I like experimenting with it. The colors are far more vivid than acrylic, and I am a big lover of vivid colors. I need them bright, even when the subject is bleak (ie. “Claudia“).

As for writing, I’m on my third chapter which might become further chapter in “Tell Me About My Hairdryer? Yea or Nay?” Not sure yet. So much to go through. I read, watch a lot of movies, and think a lot while I write and it tends to influence what I’m writing. This time my readings have taken everything to whole new level.

Oh and look for this next week:!/Little_Fiction/status/174529059018113025/photo/1

Hell yes, it has my name on the cover!

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