“Green Frog” a haiku by my son, C, for the first day of Spring.

1) My poetry chapbook, “Maybe,” will be on display at Project Space (located at 222 E Georgia Street, Vancouver), for the month of April. It is part of a great exhibition by Poetry Is Dead Magazine which is focusing on the chapbook as visual art form. I’m very excited to be a part of this project.

For more on the exhibition: http://poetryisdead.ca/blog/call-submissions-chapbooks.html

Poetry Is Dead Magazine: http://poetryisdead.ca/

Project Space: http://projectspace.ca/blog/ (You can also purchase a paperback of my chapbook at Project Space!)

2) dead (g)end(er) magazine is launching its third issue next month and a few of my works are in it. It is an honor to be in a magazine who has published the works of Natalie Zed, Nathaniel G. Moore, Robin Richardson, and Liz Worth, among many other great talents.

You can get it here: http://deadgender.blogspot.ca/p/issues.html

Or you can come to the launch in April (which I am hoping to attend): https://www.facebook.com/events/131620366967303/

3) A.G. Pasquella is launching his new book Newtown in May. He has also asked me to come read some of my work at the launch. Of course, I said, “Yes!” I will post up more details as the date comes near.

4) Project Sketchbook “Limited Edition” was a slow start for me. March Break with the kids home made it a less motivating time since it was nice outside! Here is a sneak peak at one of the sketches done so far.

 My theme for this book is “Distance and Time.” It’ll be a comic book.

After I fill up the sketchbook, it will be sent to the Arthouse Brooklyn Library where it will be published in a book, among other sketches, this Fall. http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookprojectlimited

The Sketchbook 2012 World Tour is coming and it might be in your city: http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject2012

My 2012 sketchbook is in it, so feel free to leave me a message if you see it! I’ll be at The Gladstone Hotel the weekend the tour hits Toronto in July.

5) Don’t forget to check out my story “Open” in Little Fiction’s ebook “Listerature”:  http://www.littlefiction.com/beta/Listerature.html

6) Writing away at my book “Tell Me About My Hair Dryer? Yea or Nay?” I’m four chapters in and the story is flowing, but it is also taking me places I didn’t think I would go. Very much looking forward to using some new tools I’ve learned in it’s creation.

Short story and poetry submissions are all on the go and I need a new moleskine. It’s funny how when you start something like this, that you just can’t stop. I’m terrified of failing and making a fool of myself, but when opportunities come, I think I have to take them or else I’ll be afraid that I’ve done nothing. There’s something in there about grabbing the bull by the horns, but I’m a Taurus and we don’t kindly to that sort of thing.

I don’t ride off into sunsets; I’m a writer, I create stars…planets, universes, new kinds of hands, light bulbs, pretty flowers, funny cats, etc.. I will always be a work in progress.

P.S. This makes me very happy: Van Gogh confirmed with another underneath. http://ikono.org/2012/03/van-gogh-confirmed-with-another-underneath/

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