Sketches, some photos and thoughts.

 This is the second and third cell from my sketchbook in the Sketchbook Limited Edition. I finished it off yesterday and did the outlining of a few more. As I said before, this sketchbook is a comic book on Cindy. She’s a character I’ve drawn since I was a kid. She’s named after a little girl I played with afterschool when I was 4. My mother was her caretaker for a while and we had a lot of fun. Anyways, this Cindy has superpowers and her greatest of them all is her imagination. She uses it to look at the world in a different way than most. Cindy can be sweet, terrifying and a brat, but she’s always determined to challenge perspectives.

Yesterday was the day after the prescribed controlled burn, (great photos on that link, by the way). It was beautiful day so I went on my long run and took some photos of High Park along the way.

That branch is still smoldering in this one.

 I think that the tagger’s name is LOBO, not LCBO. 

 High Park is a great place to think and for minimalist running.

 My favorite part about this time of year is that it’s the time before everything gets beautiful. Things being reborn and sprouting out of decay. The city is messy, rusty and it thirsts. It’s ugly, but to me it’s perfect. It’s like being in a suspenseful movie. Something hideous or gorgeous or hideously gorgeous is going to come of those trees. The trees know more than us always.

I wish people would just stand still for a second and realize that we need to preserve moments like that; moments where the earth gives and gives and we just learn to appreciate it. Since moving into this neighborhood, I’ve been to see, not just the sunset and sunrises more, but sit in the quiet and commune with nothing. I love it.

A poem I enjoy: Ernest Dowson’s Vitae summa brevis spem nos vetat incohare longam :

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