Gary Anderson.

Remember that book I fell in love with, Animal Magnet?

Author Gary Anderson has a new novel coming out entitled “Best Of All Possible Worlds”:

My new novel, BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS, a revisiting of Voltaire’s classic CANDIDE, will be available soon on Wordsworth Greenwich Press. As with all independent presses, finding sufficient funding to launch new books can be a challenge, to say the least. To that end, David Lentz (at Wordsworth Greenwich Press) and I have decided to try a new and novel approach to fundraising. Please check out our campaign on….There you can support our launch (as well as some other worthy projects)and get rewards for doing so. Thanks for supporting small, independent presses. They are the ones who are keeping it real, and keeping it alive.”

He’s included a blurb from my review on the back cover of his book. I am truly honored and I can’t wait to read “Best of All Possible Worlds.”


Watching a Patti Smith interview & performance on a CBS live webcast this afternoon.

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