Poem A Day 11: “On death in my youth”

April 11, 2012

On death in my youth

Remembering when I first thought of death

I was six years old with a lot to fear,

All things dark were unknown, light was pure cheer,

I’d calibrate the rhythms in my breath

Conserving each moment and each small step.

Granny had said, “We all get out of here!”

Ever since I heard that, my time felt near.

It was a concept I grew to accept

Yet the light became bigger;  effulgent

Darkness transformed into the unexplored

I marched forward without trepidation.

Fearlessness, though, led to loud judgements

But the freedom death gave me, it implored

The self, my breath, without sublimation.

 I took this at the Ontario Science Centre sometime in 2009.

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