The Pantoum.

I wrote this for my chapbook “Maybe.” I love pantoums. They’re challenging to write and have a rhythm which resembles a light jogging shuffle, like a koan with an extended beat.

For mine, I googled the word “maybe” and used the images as a sort of random word generator. As it is, it is one of the poems that has received a great amount of response and feedback from that collection.

Anyways, Samuel Peralta, posed the pantoum as a prompt on his blog you can find a great explanation on the history and  on creating one), so I’m linking over there by sharing mine here.

google maybe image pantoum


maybe written on a piece of paper

maybe it’s just yes or no

maybe life is existential playdoh

maybe comically she looks for more


maybe leave it up to chance

maybe it’s just yes or no

maybe comically she looks for more

maybe it’s simply circular.


maybe it’s just yes or no

maybe written on a cube

maybe it’s simply circular

maybe all I can do now is sign this here for you.



Go over to Samuel’s blog and contribute your own!

I’m off to write something different and personal at the moment. As an editor friend just told me after reading some of it, I’m starting to let go and loosening up some prose. I’m still not sure if confessional writing is what I want to do, but I’m told it’s where I play best. This is a good development in self awareness, I guess.


  1. smiles…this made me somehow think of that song…call me idea on googling the word and using the images as a random word generator and nice job on the form as well..

  2. maybe life is existential playdoh…that is just may be…enjoyed the pondering in your pantoum..i enjoy the personal poetry, it seems to carry more emotion…

  3. You’re Canadian! And in Toronto! So am I, always good to meet up with another Canadian in the poetic blogosphere, even though we’re probably less than 20km away in the real world!

    By the way, confessional poetry doesn’t have to be personal. If you look at my work ( a lot of it can be classified as confessional poetry – but it isn’t, really, because the lives are invented: I use the voice of a character I imagine to speak in a confessional poetic voice. So, if your strength is personal poetry, but you’re not sure if you want to swim in that pool, invent a character, a mouthpiece – it becomes liberating. Keep writing!

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