Apparently, it is National Poetry Day.

“Hat” self-portrait, ink, October 2012.

It’s poetry day every day, but it is nice to have a day to be aware of it. Every day is poetry day, but it is nice to be be aware of a day of it. I gift you two of my poems.

1. Melody

Melody disentangled herself from me

she kept her eyes closed and sat up

looked away.

I heard (felt), the flip of the match

a tiny roar of  friendly fire, effulgent

Close to her cigarette.

I hated it, the trepidation,

and I didn’t mention it.

Slid my hands around her waist

I clung on and smelled her

(inhaled us)

I wanted to pull her down

I wasn’t sure she’d accept it.

I disentangled myself from Melody

Kept my eyes opened and sunk back down, alone.

Lying down and looking up, eyes full of tormented sea

she observed me stretching out

separately together

in a hot release

the freedom these little deaths gave me

Implored a self, a  jubilation

my first real breath

without sublimation.

2. Out of the shop into the street, Toronto.

A quagmire of stilted traffic looms ahead;

Clouds of dreams in my tea cup.





Support a poet today (and btw you can find some of my work here:

This tidbit of wisom from Daniel Cockrill on twitter:

Have a beautiful day.

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