New sketch I did today and an update.

“That Ice Cream” ink and pencil

* I’ve been invited to guest read/perform at an event being held in November by Sheniz Janmohamed at Stay tuned for more info on the launch as I get updates.

* I’m doing my first solo art show at Playful Grounds in August 2013. My series is called “Charlie and Crush,” which will be based on my upcoming graphic novel, “Dos,” and accompanying webcomic (both which will be launched separately this winter). I’m very excited about this project.

* I read one of my new pieces for the first time last night at The Victory Cafe. “Aliens Gave My Cat A Beard” (which based on this illustration by Steven Rhodes), was well received. I’ll let A.G. Pasquella tell you how the night went in his own words: Congrats to AG! I look forward to reviewing Newtown in this space in the near future.

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