New sketch. Meet Crush and Charlie. And other stuff.

You’ll be seeing more of them in the future. Most likely as the main comic in my webcomic site: runcomics .The site itself is currently going through an overhaul while I work on the graphic novel and artwork. Most of all it needs a better archiving system! But I’ll figure it out.

* The creative writing course I’m taking at Humber College has helped immensely with the flow of my work. A lack of confidence tends to block any progress, but these days I’m becoming more comfortable with just jotting whatever comes to my head, even it’s ridiculous. Wait, no, especially if it’s ridiculous.

* A few meetings with the administration at the University of Toronto has started the ball rolling on my post-graduate studies. I have to take a few courses to refresh and get myself on par competitive-wise with the rest of the grads applying for the masters. However, the graduate assistant in the english department, Marguerite, has given me some good advice. I’m excited about this prospect.

You see, my plan originally was to go back to school and get a science degree as an accompaniment to my bachelor. I tried some math and science courses, but honestly, my brain processes logic in a visual form. It’s what’s always held me back in math. I know what I’m doing, but translating for others to read is a whole other matter.

Now that I’m doing what I have always wanted to do, writing, I’ve been encouraged to continue what I started when I chose a career path in the arts. It was assumed I’d be in school for most of my life anyway. Why not take that time and find something I love within the realm of the thing I do best?

So far, as I said, this creative writing course is quenching that thirst. Next year, it’s back at UofT for more academic pursuits while I continue my life as an author.

If I could go back in time and tell my teenage self what I was doing now, she wouldn’t believe it. I had no hope for myself, just dreams. Pfffft…”dreams made solid.

* I’ve registered for this course offered by Quattro Books:

I hope the registration reaches the minimum. It looks like a really good course!


  1. I like the look of the characters. I am excited to see more of them.

    I am so excited for you on your endeavour. It makes me happy to see you doing what you love to do. You are so good at it too.

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