My Sexy Bear Man Costume: The Story.

There is a story to my costume this year. Last year, my friends Jeannette and Jamie took me to see True Grit. As a lover of westerns & Coen Bros. films, I loved it. At one point in the film, Ed Lee Corbin appears as a strange bear man. Jamie turns to me and says, “That is so you.”

Yes, yes it is. Bear Man is all things logical and ridiculous.

Then on Halloween, in the middle of some drunk talk (my third beer), I managed to vow to be “Sexy Bear Man” 2012. There was “sexy” everything out there. Why not Bear Man? Or why not ME as Bear Man?  There was some riffing on this idea and the ideas we came up with made me laugh so hard that tears came to my eyes. It was a great night with great friends. I remembered it.
Throughout the months as people have been reminiscing, the question came up, “What are you going to be for Halloween?
“Duh. Sexy Bear Man.”
“Yes. I vowed. I’m sticking to it.”
Though doubts came up due to the whole slutty costume thing being un-feminist, my take has always been: I picked sexy Bear Man because it’s absurd. It’s me. It’s not a costume I picked off a rack or put no thought into. I’ve sewed. I’ve planned. I’ve had fun making it.
Tonight sexy Bear Man will roam. It’s a very warm costume. Rest assured there will be a photo and I will post it on this entry before I head out for Halloween festivities tonight, so stay tuned to this post for that. Anyways, below contains a clip of Bear Man (among other appearances by Ed Lee Corbin), in one of my favorite films.
Update: Here you go. Sexy True Grit Bear Man.
Me and Starburns (my bestie)

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