New Poem

We call it gloom by Jacqueline Valencia (23/11/2012)

I am a possessed thought

Intruder in a bright  mind, dazzled in the morning;

calling glory. I am doing my part

over the night stars, image to feeling:

A happy soul, just does not dwell here .

The planets in this body are not habitable, ever .


I have searched for fiery truths in your youth,

emptied  them of meaning, smooth skins, sweetness,

celestial tombs made of dirt and air:

grasping, disabling, disconnecting

all your programs. Orbit to orbit.

An obsession is taken for granted.

You might not even exist.


Surfing  in your hurt, dear,

I am unbalanced, calling for your attention ,

descending darkness over your splendid lights

(you tend to them so well)

insecurity is a virus-like  frenemy

and in your soul I shine  where the gears wind.

You have no qualms to finish me. Fight the good fight.

But somehow we’re still here.


Previously published over at wattpad:

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