Two Poems.

(You can also find them over at watt pad:


Wednesday Group



on the edge

of a suggested

weakness hit

a variable of


folk; these disorders trigger:

an unknown gene. Neural pathways

locked while the analysis is executed

and the collected data is studied. – brochure.


Science is of little

warmth in therapy, anyway,

when a man in group signals me out: “Explain to us,

writer, why you come here every Wednesday with not a word to say.”

“I have a predisposition,” I reply, “for dull tubes and a binding that is

electrified by a burning need to question everything. AND I have a hard time

accepting that your serotonin problem is the same as mine! “

He says nothing in return, but his look illuminates

a familiar silent scream, like a flare pistol shooting blanks.


It is my opinion that the depressive situation is changeable,

wired-in as it is, we are composed of a mixture of causes

and symptoms. As such we are all different and so is each day.


Today though, I paint in these words, “I’m here,” I think,

“like a flare pistol shooting blanks.”








How I read a rejection letter.


Endeavors writing, future writing

in success!


However, issue this

for selected have been not.


Has work! Inform you to regret.

Decisions hard.


Some make had. Received have,

We that work

excellent to due.


Read have I submission. Each. Humbled

and moved have I been.


Responses poetic. Thoughtful in number.

Work your sending

for much so you thank. You are dear.


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