My poetry book “The Octopus Complex” launches March 24th at Q Space!

lyrical myricalSunday March 24th at 2-5pm at Q Space (382 College Street)
Join us as Lyrical Myrical Press launches two new poetry titles:

The Octopus Complex by Jacqueline Valencia


Weaving Spirit by Angela Warner

JACQUELINE VALENCIA is a poet, writer and illustrator. Her work has appeared in Dead Gender Magazine, Lit Pub, Amelia’s Magazine, Feministing, and Little Fiction. She has published two chapbooks and is working on her first poetry graphic novel entitled “Charlie & Crush Are Here” based on her webcomic Runcomcs. Jacqueline is a graduate of the University of Toronto where she is pursuing a masters in creative writing. The Octopus Complex was inspired by a night of sea voyage dreaming.

ANGELA WARNER is a poet-heretic, aspiring healer of wounds, and midwife of metaphorical waste. She has a BA in French from the University of Kansas, and has done postgrad work in medieval studies at the University of Toronto. Her work ranges in tone from the visceral to the reflective, from casual to literary. Weaving Spirit is her first chapbook. You can find more of her work at The Studio Voice and her website,

LYRICALMYRICAL Press is a Toronto small press featuring talented local writers – mostly poets. The books are designed by local artists and hand-made by the publisher.

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