A Saturday appropriation uncreative poem

Constraint: First few pages of Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man. Type words repeated with phrases repeated with compound words.

Stephen: from birth to fight  by Jacqueline Valencia

Queer smell queer thing

drank off drink the tea.

Supper in the studyhall

From seventyfive to seventysix

different different different

my dwellingplace God

God God God Dieu

God’s name too

shivered and yawned shivered to think

warm glow shivering sheets

wanted to yawn.



Warmer and warmer

yet he shivered

still wanted to yawn

colour the sea the sea was cold

colder at night halfdoor

bless my father bless my little brothers

bless Dante he blessed himself

received his deathwound cold and strange

dark was cold and strange

strange faces like carriagelamps

click click click click


holly and ivy

holly and ivy curtainrings.



We have the collywobbles

terrible collywobbles

turfcoloured bogwater

ivytwined branches

strangelooking waves

waves talking waves

voice of sorrow

pollingbooth language

language language

dishcover priesthunter

whiteboy eye eye  God’s eye

Napkinring boatbearer

Rolledup sleeves knuckly inky hands

Zeal without prudence

is like a ship adrift.


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