LyricalMyrical Festival & Paperthawalls.

lyrical myrical

My publisher, LyricalMyrical, is having an author’s festival. I’ll be reading some new lyric and conceptual poetry there.

Q Space 382 College

August 23 7-10
24 7-10
25 3-8

Facebook event page:

The Schedule:

Friday  Aug 23

 8-9 PM: Steven Mundy, Jacqueline Valencia, Corrado Paina, Barbara Landry

9-10 PM: Allan Briesmaster, Gianna Patriarca ,Edward Nixon, Nancy Bullis

 Saturday Aug 24

7-8 PM: Kurt Zubatiuk, Steve McCabe, Sue Chenette, John Romano, Joseph Maviglia

8-9 PM: Jonathan Eskedjian, Monica Rosas, Ricardo Sternberg, Rocco de Giacomo

9-10 PM: David Silverberg, Valentino Assenza,  Patrick Connors, Honey Novick,  Babar khan

Sunday Aug 25

2-3 PM: Larry Hopperton, Giovanna Riccio, Stella Body, Deb Wiles

3-4 PM : Donna Langevin, Brenda Clews, Koom Kankesan, Sonia Di Placido

Also check out my second gig, Paperthawalls Magazine. I’ll be listing events that are of interests in the film, music,  poetry, and literary delectus there.


Here’s my first listing:

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