Monday sonnet.


photo by Jennifer Valencia

When I consider of how my time is spent.  (playing with Milton)

When I consider of how my time is spent

Here some of my nights, in this black space and hide,

And that one regret which is hard to ride,

Stuck with me painful, though my heart here sent

To serve before as sinner, and mustn’t

Show intention, lest they revel in pride

“Doth thou exact punishment, might supplied?”

I quickly ask; but Virtue to augment That whisper, soon replies, “Thou

doth not free

Either woman’s work or her gifts; whose quest

Bear her dark cloak, they serve her best. Her state

Is Queenly. But many on her feed

And abandon her and all at her best;

They also serve who stay still yet actuate.”

– Jacqueline Valencia (2013)




Going to Montreal for this:

You should come!

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