A Scene from Rambo: First Blood 2 reworked with women


RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II                                                           

Screenplay by Sylvester Stallone and James Cameron (reworked with women by Jacqueline Valencia)


The film opens with a brief MONTAGE of “First Blood,” culminating in the police station…

Joanna Rambo is confronted by Trautman, who tells Joanna Rambo her personal war is over.

JOANNA RAMBO: Nothing is over!!!


A massive explosion that blows dust into the SHOT OF THE SUN.  PANNING DOWN, we are at a quarry where twenty-five hardened criminals are slowly revealed by still MOVING CAMERA.  All the well-built women wear the same federal prison clothing.  Most wear tattered tank tops with a large “P” stenciled on the back… Five armed guards watch over the convicts.  We finally PAN ACROSS the rising and falling of picks and shovels,

ARRIVING on a wide back with an array of scars. SLOWLY MOVING UP the back, we reveal JOANNA RAMBO swinging a sledge hammer onto an iron wedge sunk into the white rock quarry.  Joanna Rambo continues to pound away with deft strokes, finally splitting the rock.  She lets her hammer rest at her side and turns to look up at the nearest guard. She nods.  The guard nods back and Joanna Rambo turns and moves to a water bucket.  She waits for a black convict to finish drinking out of a ladle that is attached to a large bucket.

CLOSEUP – JOANNA RAMBO drinking and pouring a ladleful over the back of her neck.

VOICE: Joanna….Joanna Rambo?

Joanna Rambo looks up at a pair of FEMALE PRISON GUARDS whose faces and bodies are nearly indistinguishable because of the bright sun that backlights them with a hellish glow.


EXT.  ROCK QUARRY – DAY Joanna Rambo is led toward the top of the quarry, flanked by the two Female prison guards, passing the prisoners working away… Suddenly, TRAUTMAN steps into view, blocking Joanna Rambo’s path.

TRAUTMAN: How’ve you been, Joanna ?

Joanna Rambo nods and stares into Trautman’s eyes. The silence is shattering.

TRAUTMAN: (continuing, to the Female prison guards) That’s all… Thanks.

The Guards move off.  Joanna Rambo continues her stare.

Trautman, a little uncomfortable, continues.

TRAUTMAN: (continuing) I’m sorry you were sent to such a hellhole.

JOANNA RAMBO: Seen worse.

TRAUTMAN: You have… haven’t you…


TRAUTMAN: Joanna … I told you I’d help you when I could… you interested?

Joanna Rambo looks off at the distance, watching the Guards hang around off to the side.

TRAUTMAN:(continuing, taken aback): You can’t possibly want to stay in  prison for another five years?

JOANNA RAMBO: … In here I know where I stand.

TRAUTMAN: Hear me out first.  A covert operation is being geared up in the Far East. The computer dug out your name as one of the top three able to accomplish the mission.

JOANNA RAMBO: What mission?

TRAUTMAN: Recon for P.O.W.’s in Nam.


TRAUTMAN: The prison camp you escaped from in ’71 is the target area — no one knows that terrain better than you. The risk factor is very high. You’ll be temporarily reinstated in the forces; and if the operation is successful, there may be a Congressional pardon… are you in, Joanna?

Joanna Rambo’s eyes turn into Trautman’s. She nods her acceptance.

TRAUTMAN (continuing): Good. I’ll get the necessary clearances, and the next time we’ll meet, it’ll be in Thailand with  Special OP’s designate who will honch the operation.  All clear?

Trautman shakes Joanna Rambo’s hand and starts to turn away.

TRAUTMAN(continuing, pausing): I want you to know I did what I  could to keep you out of here.

Joanna Rambo nods… She believes him…


Trautman starts to leave.

JOANNA RAMBO (continuing): Colonel… Do we get to win this time?

TRAUTMAN: This time it’s up to you.

Trautman studies Joanna Rambo’s calm expression.

Trautman nods, leaving Joanna Rambo with a sense of miraculous rebirth.


There’s a reason why I do these (it’s partly an experiment), and I will get into detail soon in a future post.

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