On day 130 of This Is Room 101 and Day 242 of Getting Inside James Joyce’s Head

Day 130 of #thisisroom101 http://goo.gl/dduZyw  & Day 242 of #GIJJH http://goo.gl/A9tsWi  #georgeorwell #jamesjoyce #uncreativewriting

Admittedly with my workload at full capacity at the moment (film reviews, book reviews, interviews, and finishing up my next poetry book), it’s been hard to keep up with my rewrites and retypes. However, I’ve managed. If I haven’t been able to write them up on the day, I make sure to save the page and retype them the next day, or just do it at midnight before I go to bed. I think three entries in This Is Room 101 are missing drawings, but I’ve got the originals saved up for when I have time to do them.

The sketches are really rough and that’s the way I started doing them, since I’m usually in a rush in the mornings anyway. My aim is to get an impression of the headline photo and my eyes’ quick interpretation of the photo. When passers by see the headline photo in the newspaper box or on the internet, it’s meant to provide a jolt, a provocation to read the informative text. Thus, my images are hurried like the eyes of a commuter or worker at their desk.

As mentioned before, my interests in synchronicity has exploded here and there with this project. Looking back and reading them out loud has been an fascinating experience. I hope anyone that reads the entries will have their own interpretation or view of it and will inform me of their reads. Randomness in life can be transformative or mundane, but it’s still a worthy subject to be studied and witnessed.

For Getting Inside James Joyce’s Head, I’ve had the weird need to type out more descriptors in my own works, more than I have before. As I head toward the great denouement, I’ve realized how wordy and less poetic his prose has become. Not that that is a bad thing, mind you, Joyce went from gibberish, to overly bursting with language, and now…it seems he’s achieved an interesting balance. My own work has journeyed through the same head space. As for the the rewrite, it’s going along, but I’ll have to go back and smooth out a few things for coherence.

Here’s my desk every morning. My big pile of Wall Street Journal drawings needs a box now. I’ve added a stand up desk extension to help my mobility with my increasing workload.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to have the work I do and I’m learning so much in the process. I just a need a little nap. Maybe after today’s run.

P.S. Come out to my reading in St. Catherines! November 29, 2013 Grey Borders Reading Series, 7:30pm, St. Catharines with David Dowker, Kyle Buckley, Gary Barwin, and Liz Worth (!!!!).  I’ll will be reading from my conceptual works and upcoming poetry book “The Alien.”

Edit: Having reposted the link to this page, I’m on day Day 147 of #thisisroom101 & Day 259 of #GIJJH. This makes it twelve days/pages left on Portrait of the Artist As Young Man. As I finished typing out today’s portion, my husband said to me, “I’d forgotten you were doing that.” It’s really become second nature like brushing my teeth.

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