Oulipost NAPOMO 2014



“Oulipo — Ouvroir de littérature potentielle (or “workshop of potential literature”) — is a a group of mostly French-speaking writers and mathematicians that seek to create works using constrained writing techniques. The group defines “potential literature” as “the seeking of new structures and patterns which may be used by writers in any way they enjoy.” By employing constraints, the group aims to trigger new ideas and inspiration.1

Oulipost is the Found Poetry Review’s 2014 National Poetry Month project. It enlists poets to apply Oulipo techniques to text sourced from their daily newspaper.”

I am one out of 82 poets who have signed on to do Oulipost for the month of April. Our first assignment was to answer the interview questions below.

1. What excites you about OULIPOST?

Having an assignment due each day. I live off deadlines and creating something out of constraints.

2. What, if anything, scares you about OULIPOST?

Not being able to get to the assignment due to other projects or if I’m not up to the task asked of me that day.

3. Have you written experimental or found poetry before? If so, tell us about it?

I craft several remixes out of movie scripts and use uncreative writing to play with the works of James Joyce and, currently, Anne Sexton. I’m just beginning to explore the world of visual and concrete poetry which has definitely given my head muscles a new way to flex and bend.

4. Who’s your spirit OULIPIAN?

Anne F. Garreta plays with language, gender, and with Proust the way I want to adventure with words. It takes guts to take established works and ideals to create something that could possibly elucidate the original work even more. Her fearlessness and patience with the craft is admirable and something to be aspired to.

**** As a side note, I wrote my 100th page of James Joyce’s Ulysses today: http://gettinginsidejamesjoyceshead.blogspot.ca/


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