OULIPOST: Day 1 (quote cento)

Entangled Indebted


It’s a real roll of the dice

Master Kang

You’re mortgaging a future election cycle

I’m terribly frightened.


They’ve got an incumbent president who could go on a [fundraising] tear, presumably.

tigers and flies

I continue to wonder whether or how much OFA has taken away money that should have gone to the DNC.

No matter who he is, and how senior his position is, if he violates party discipline and the law of the country, he will be punished to the full extent, because everybody is equal before the law.

The fact that OFA is more issues-driven makes it more compelling than just contributing to the party

Do I look like I own oil?


grand experiment

They don’t tell me, and I don’t ask them.

pretty significant

China is like that.

At a time when Republicans are expanding the playing field, the last thing Democrats need is a DNC that’s in debt and not able to spend as much money to protect all of the Democrats up for re-election

Police Story


* Nelson, Colleen McCain. “Democrats Bet on Technology Instead of Paying Down Debts” The Wall Street Journal 31 Mar. 2014: Politics and Policy. (online)

* Ready, James T..; Spegele, Brian; Grimaldi, James V.., “Chinese Dragnet Entangles Family of Former Security Chief, Zhou Yongkang” 31 Mar. 2014: Headline Story (online)





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  1. Nice! I don’t know why but when I read the first verse, the chorus for Simon and Garfunkel’s “Mrs Robinson” began playing in my head lol! I wish you the best in creating the other 29 🙂

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