OULIPOST: Day 3 (definitional lit)

google image search: definitional lit



“The meeting that started the trouble took place at a monastery in Florence, Arizona.”

The act of coming together, to begin,

to disturb the mental calm

of simple past tense of take,

a particular portion of space,

a residence occupied by a community of persons, especially monks

living in seclusion under religious vows,

a female given name:

from a Latin word meaning “flowery,”

a state in South Western United States.



Anything done

approach commence

to interrupt the quiet, pertaining to the mind

without rough motion, easy to understand

gone by stretched tight

get into one’s hold by voluntary action

pertaining to a single person

a part of any whole the unlimited

great three-dimensional realm

the place in which a person lives

to fill up space
a social group of any size

whose members reside in a specific locality

a human being

a man who has withdrawn from the world for religious reasons

having life

the act of secluding beneath

concerned with religion

a solemn promise

a person bearing two X chromosomes

in the cell nuclei


a word by which a person is designated

an Italic language spoken in ancient Rome

a unit of language

what is intended to be

covered with flowers

a condition of a thing

a cardinal point of the compass lying directly opposite north

lying toward or situated in the west

made into act as a singular entity

the condition of a thing.



Hope, Bradley. “How High-Frequency Stock Trader Quantlab Guarded Its Algorithms” The Wall Street Journal 2 April 2014: Top Stories (online)




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