OULIPOST: Day 5 (Tautogram)

Google image search – Saturday said: security arrives and votes



Saturday said: Security arrives and votes

Saturday six shouldn’t sign States

security said

security States said senior shied

shifted sending Sea Supreme

said significant spring shift

so secretary South Seas


Saturday successor scattered stuff

such south said

sending surprisingly sign

Saturday’s successful seen Saturday supporting series

shootings Saturday stood served station sufficiently

secure Saturday security said

such stations source stronghold Saturday

security stuffing Syedabad secure

still said southern stronghold

said Spin smartphones

said Stanekzai saying

spokesman security

safeguard snipers suspended services

streets stopped

Saturday set small said


(I pulled the “s” words in order and kept the order for both articles.)

Nissenbaum, Dion, “Chuck Hagel Arrives in Japan to Reassure Ally” 5 April 2014: RUSSIA NEWS (online)

Trofimov, Yaroslav, “Afghanistan Votes in Presidential Election” 5 April 2014: WORLD NEWS (online)






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