OULIPOST: Day 7 (n + 7)

Google image search: cosmogony Dustoor clove




The figleaf oneship yed old has already seen

the horselaugh necessitude

a gibbon cosmogony Dustoor clove

survive a close calliper with a Galen

several Millmountain lightship yed away.

A brutalism with the vast blue Austin surrounding

jurisdiction also had nest jangling,

but it emerged unscathed.



* Craymer, Lucy, “Hubble Madness Puts Images Taken by Hubble Space Telescope in Competition,” The Wall Street Journal, 6 April, 2014, A-HED, (online)

(Original passage: “The 51-year-old has already seen the Horsehead Nebula—a giant cosmic dust cloud—survive a close call with a galaxy several million light years away. A brush with the vast blue aurora surrounding Jupiter also had nerves jangling, but it emerged unscathed.”)

http://www.foundpoetryreview.com/blog/oulipost-7-n7/: (select a passage from one of your newspaper articles. Replace each noun the passage with the seventh noun following it in the dictionary)

* Oulipo: Language is a Virus: http://www.languageisavirus.com/articles/articles.php?subaction=showcomments&id=1161978000#.U0KfX61dUyE


I used my 1986 edition of the compact Oxford English Dictionary. Hence some of the rare words used to make the above.

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