OULIPOST: Day 11 (univocalic)



Google image search: Washington because law’s


Today’s prompt: “A univocalic text is one written with a single vowel. It is consequently a lipogram in all the other vowels. If he had been univocally minded, Hamlet might have exclaimed. “Be? Never be? Perplexed quest: seek the secret!” All words used must be sourced from your newspaper.


Letter “a.”



Health and Human

Secretary Kathleen

health-care law spokeswoman

Thursday, capping

a years Obama cabinet.


Barack Obama was announce

Friday that years Sylvia

Mathews Management

and according

administration officials.


departure came after speculation

that shaky implementation

Affordable Care Act

A wave technical initially

insurance plans HealthCare.gov,

Americans had

their plans canceled





Radnofsky, Louise; Lee, Carol E., “Kathleen Sebelius to Resign Health Post,” The Wall Street Journal, 10 April 2014: POLITICS AND POLICY (online)


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