OULIPOST: Day 18 (homoconsonantism)

Google Image search: Roast Wars (I wrote the poem before the image search)



“Arrest warrants were issued for the captain and two crew members of the sunken South Korean ferry on Friday, as one of the crew confirmed accounts that the captain was among the first to abandon the sinking ship.”*

Roast wars

Are roast wars aware

sad fire hop ten

nod twee crow

mom beers fit

hose nook

in Sith keen foray

no fraud yes no forth

car we can form

donut hat

that wise

amen goth fist

at boon done

to snake

nag hip.



Nam, In-Soo; Jun, Kwanwoo; Cheng, Johnathan; “South Korea Seek Arrest Warrant for Sunken Ferry’s Captain,” The Wall Street Journal, 18 April 2014, WORLD NEWS (online)


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