OULIPOST: Day 19 (sestina)

Google image search: money mouth bacteria

Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Of the DNA on dollar bills, New York

Analyzing genetic material on bank notes

So many microorganisms, genetic data banks

It was quite amazing to us

Microbes grow on money

passed items in the world.


Circulated every year around the world

DNA was as diverse as New York

spectrum of life represented on money

Annually to provide people with notes

Microbes grow on us

Features for 19 central banks.


Been catalogued in genetic data banks

Counterfeiting durability microbiology world

Linked to gastric ulcers, pneumonia, infections, us

One dollar bills collected in New York

Countries are printing bank notes

Explored the fibrous surface of paper money.


Spending $826.7 million on new money

State treasuries worry more about Central Banks

95% are used as replacement bank notes

A body-temperature wallet is a petri dish world

Replacement notes sources New York

Easily the most abundant species they found is us.


Previous studies that examined samples under us

Glimpse into the international problem of dirty money

Genome sequencing at the University of New York

Designs currency security features for 19 central banks

Flexible plastic polymer film world

Nutrients when we handle bank notes.


E.coli bacteria like a toilet seat on bank notes

A study of the public-health effect on us

Canada, Kingdom of Bhutan, Australia, London, World

International problem from rupees to euros, paper money

Wear and tear, bulk, weight, and dirty dollar banks

The first comprehensible study researchers at New York.


Their research New York unpublished director notes

Medium exchange of banks, university work of us

Antibiotic resistant money, cotton-linen blend world.


Hotz, Robert Lee, “Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is,” The Wall Street Journal, 18 April 2014, U.S. NEWS (online)


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