OULIPOST: Day 23 (inventory)


inventory copy


decades drug portfolio acquisitions industry about-face course drug court

companies course Valeant Ackman Allergan Deal

Court ban action flurry Allergan offer Lilly $5.4 Billion Novartis unit action ban 6-2 states end preferences U.S. Constitution Michigan law state’s debate action policies universities U.S. troops allies Russia tensions Ukraine Pentagon U.S. troops exercises Europe allies Russia’s border Ukraine Russian separatists two people military plane Navalny libel case updates central housing recovery Europe Roma problem Q&A ruling Australia black boxes decade countries Roma Gypsy populations EU bloc centuries discrimination Jobik Roma Photos Videos Gypsies lives Limbo eviction Romania Agence France-Press Getty Images 7:07am

Definite article

the the the the the the

Indefinite article

a a a


as and if or and


Global after through pharmaceutical reversing more narrowly best supreme affirmative supreme racial long-running over affirmative public eastern accused guilty grand latest large uneducated jobless poor


Their what they they we its what


of to on to for without of at to to in for in to on after of at in to after with to of at in after in


Does Trading are think do preceded pay upholds ruled may violating upholding grew move flare said would be sent reassure killing shooting verb knew confronts means take found started joining is aiming overcome takes aim


that out near pro hardly


* Screen cap of the front page of The Wall Street Journal online, 23, April 2014 @ 7:07am


* I am short on time today, so I hope this was ok.

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