OULIPOST: Day 24 (homosyntaxism)

Google image search: Excellence was confirmed


The settlement was confirmed by Kelly M. Dermody, a lawyer for the plaintiffs at Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP. “This is an excellent resolution of the case that will benefit class members,” Ms. Dermody said in a statement.

Excellence was confirmed

Settlement was confirmed

Kelly was confirmed

Dermody was confirmed

Lawyer was confirmed

Plaintiffs were confirmed

Lieff was confirmed

Cabraser was confirmed

Heimann was confirmed

Bernstein was confirmed

This was confirmed

Excellence was confirmed

Resolution was confirmed

Case was confirmed

Benefit was confirmed

Class was confirmed

Members were confirmed

Dermody was confirmed

Statement was confirmed.


* Elder, Jeff, “Tech Companies Agree to Settle Wage Suit,” The Wall Street Journal, 24 April 2014: TECHNOLOGY (online)


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