OULIPOST: Day 30 (patchwork quilt)

Google image search: Patchwork oulipo

Patchwork Oulipo

It’s a real roll of the dice

Picky hippy, zippy piggy hid

The act of coming together, to begin,

When when

Saturday six shouldn’t sign States

Like it or not, fracking will continue.

The figleaf oneship yed old has already seen

a relaxed balladeer

frigid winter’s effects will hit produce aisle

A to

Health and Human

The women’s health-care community got a shock:

The noble Heron

Teenager Ram, Village Delhi Country and Factories For Sale

a new

A link of large

The Ukraine crisis

Are roast wars aware

Of the DNA on dollar bills, New York

Today, a successful single man who falls for a woman

He said, “You don’t get to pick your partners in the world.

“Yes, the country featured some of the cheapest factories in the world

decades drug portfolio acquisitions industry about-face course drug court

Settlement was confirmed

Some surprises have already emerged

Have you heard that we are “using up” the world’s resources

There was no way that we weren’t going to be here


John Kerry has been thinking about



Many thanks to The Found Poetry Review, Jenni Baker, and Beth Ayer for a great month of uncreative creativity with OULIPOST. This has probably been the most fun I’ve had with the concept of poetry month.

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