Bauhaus into poetry



On Wednesday May 14th 2014, a bunch of authors: Tony Burgess, Jade Wallace, Suzanne Alyssa Andrew, Liisa Ladouceur, Liz Worth, and myself gathered at the Nocturne in Toronto to remix Bauhaus lyrics into poetry.

Here are my remixed poems:


Nerve ends

crucifixion ecstasy
One eye’s closed

checked in agony
Will it stay shut?

Stigmata bleed




Holes in head
Indelicate Nerves.

Delicate Nerves

Indelicate Nerves

Delicate Nerves

Stigmata oh

Stigmata oh

Stigmata oh
Tell tale tongues

weep for me
Brittle spittle
The fabric of dreams

As you feel the twist

pumping heart
Nerves nylon /nerves steel
Nerves nylon/nerves steel
Nerves nylon/nerves steel

Sense of serenity splintered glass.

Look into your crimson orifice
random cutlery cuts

In holy remembrance
Nerves. Nerves.

in your splintered plight
Nerves. Nerves.

Stigmata oh

Stigmata oh

Nerves nylon/nerves steel
Nerves nylon/nerves steel
Nerves nylon/nerves steel

In scarlet bliss

Father, son, and holy ghost


In nomine patri et filii et spiriti sanctum
In nomine patri et filii et spiriti sanctum







the man with the xray eyes is alone with everybody

(bauhaus meets bukowski)


the flesh covers the bone

shoes that no man would want to wear

and they put a mind
Wipe away the night’s last cold stare

in there and
Red fist curled ’round the house

sometimes a soul
Was away boy Shelly’s shoes

and women break
Chocolate power is so crisp

vases against the walls
The atomic open house is really here

and the men drink too
And we have gone so desperate

too much
Your power knows no bounds

and nobody finds the one

And heavier with time

but keep looking
Are our shoes

crawling in and out
That no man would want to wear

of beds
New tread wipes a wet road so dry

flesh covers
it stings

the bone and the flesh
Into the borrowed course

searches for more than
Under the dreadful birds

Under the singing soil

there’s no chance at all
And all those guilty clouds

we are all trapped
I have seen too much

by a singular fate
Wipe away my eyes

nobody ever finds one
Too much

the graveyards fill

nothing else fills


who killed mr moonlight (bauhaus in haikus)

1. Consider green lakes

broken arrow face wound

smile shot innocence.


2. midnight proposals

shot nostalgia in the back

shadow of his smile


3. all our dreams melted

are hiding in the bushes

doing dead men stunts


4. our burnt stories

we can’t paint any pictures

as the moon had all our brushes


5. extracting wasps stings

you who killed mr moonlight

you his shadow smile


The Virgin Mary

Virgin mary was tired

So tired

Never would be invited

to the funeral rosegarden

that was hers
She’s tired of listening to gossip
Gossip and complaints

her disappointment runs with her guests
Her guests wreaking havoc

From all sorts of

All sorts of
Untidy whores without agency
Her men are chosen from the rest

They came from next door
And a bewildered stream of chatter

But their choice don’t seem to matter


She’s got swollen breasts and lips that putter
And her choice of matter and her screams of chatter
Is just a little parasitic scream of whores
Screaming whores

So tired of listening to gossip
Gossip and complaints is she



In the rosegarden funeral of sores
Virgin mary was tired

she came from next door
Came from next door

Opened up the gates

Intruder not, Owner


Garden rose

Rose garden

Garden rose

Rose garden

Garden rose

The Virgin Mary laid down to rest

in her
Rosegarden funeral of sores


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