Fuck you, Bill Cosby


We live in an alternate universe where Bill Cosby is a serial rapist.

No, wait. This is our reality: We live in a universe where Bill Cosby is a serial rapist and a malevolent sexual predator.

This is what a generation of eighties television viewers had to let sink in.

He’s that stand up comedian that first introduced me to comedy via my parent’s record collection. I watched Fat Albert and even planned my nights to watch episodes of The Cosby Show.

Bill Cosby being a sexual predator isn’t surprising because, as victim of a sexual predator myself, I know in a way how they work. Part of it is narcissism and the ability to believe what you do is entitled to you because you are above it all. The other part is that costume the predator/narcissist puts on: “I am this kind, loving, trusting soul. Would I ever hurt anyone? No, because you believe I am this kind, loving, trusting soul.” I trusted someone. I trusted several someones and some of the those trusted someones were men who turned out to be predators. They have a modus operandi. In Cosby’s case, he drugs women, rapes them, and then utilizes the immunity that his fame as “America’s Dad” affords him to get away without persecution.

This week attendees of Cosby’s current stand up show were interviewed by Entertainment Tonight and asked about how they felt about the accusations against Cosby. One of them said, “I just came to see a good show. It’s a good show!”

Now would this person say the same thing if Cosby were accused of sexual child abuse? Probably not. The reason being that we live in a world where sexual assault against women isn’t taken seriously. It isn’t heard. It’s put under a rug and its victims are left with the maxim: “Get over it.”

No, I’m not getting over it. After years of therapy I AM NOT OVER IT and I never will be. This idea that rape and sexual assault aren’t crimes is so ingrained in society. For fucks sakes, as women, we are still fighting to be treated as equals in the workplace, we are still fighting for the right to walk alone at night without the threat of being raped, killed, or both. If we are assaulted we’re asked what made us provoke it. Do men have to walk home at night with their keys in their hands to use as Wolverine weapons against a possible assailant? How many men have to look after their drinks at the club so they don’t get roofied?

We live in a universe where women are treated as subhuman. We need to ask for permission to live a free life. Well, sisters, stop asking for permission. We have human rights. Stop letting them do this to us. Speak up. Be heard. You have an army behind you, half the population and more behind you.

I’m tired of this bullshit. I’m tired of looking back at how many times I was assaulted and think to myself, what did I do wrong? I’m tired of being worried for my daughter’s present and future. How can one assume things will get better, if we’ve had to deal with centuries of ingrained rape culture that still gets denied?

Bill Cosby, serial rapist and malevolent sexual predator, didn’t provoke this rant. This rant was provoked by that guy who said, “I just came to see a good show. It’s a good show!”

Fuck you.

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