POETS OF THE MONTH DAY 7: Andrea Thompson

For Poetry Month, I’d like to bring to your attention poets that I’ve loved.

Today, it’s Andrea Thompson:


Note: When I find a reader or a poet who hasn’t heard of Andrea Thompson, I make them listen. I had the honour of performing one of my first public readings alongside her. That’s when I realized that poetry isn’t just a book or in textbook that is pumped into you. Seeing her onstage: that’s poetry. -jv

Her website: http://www.andreathompson.ca/

An interviews with her: http://shamelessmag.com/blog/entry/andrea-thompson-slam-poet


Her poetry: http://tvo.org/video/209594/poet-andrea-thompson-performs-her-work-langage-my-s

Where to buy her book (which I’m head over heels for): https://www.inanna.ca/catalog/over-our-heads/

Enjoy more poetry and walk the talk.

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