My new collection of poetry, THE ALIEN

the alien

The Alien is an exploration in isolation, disenfranchisement, and language in a galaxy that’s disconnected with the senses. I wrote this while struggling with the world inside my head and the ones that collide outside of it. It is an end to the manifesto for me and an ode to present connective correspondence.

You can purchase it here:

ISBN9781329065987 CopyrightJacqueline Valencia (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)EditionSecond Edition Published April 22, 2015 LanguageEnglishPages79 BindingPerfect-bound Paperback Interior Ink Black & white Weight0.11 kg Dimensions (centimetres)10.8 wide x 17.48 tall


In lieu of a book trailer, I made music mix for it:



(About the 1st edition LIMITED EDITION PRINT: Product Details: ISBN 9781329065987 Copyright Jacqueline Valencia (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0) First Edition Published April 14, 2015 Language: English 76 pages Perfect-bound binding Paperback eWeight 0.29 kg Dimensions (centimetres) 21.59 wide x 27.94 tall: This one week limited run, due to its size, was meant to be drawn on, sketched on, create versions of the poems on, and thereby rendering it unique the reader. Like an alien it was meant to transform with the reader’s fingerprints and change with its environment and hopefully, cause a change within the reader as well. If have changed it, please send a photo to me. I’d like to see where its gone and what the book is doing.)

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