My review of Brett Morgen’s Montage of Heck


“I was in my parents’ living room stuffing my face with potato chips when I first heard and saw the video for Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. I almost choked. The punk rock bands that I was heavily in to then, were long gone, so the noise and anarchic imagery coming out of the television spoke to something inside me, my depression, my anger, and disenfranchisement with society. It was almost as if my generation were given a new chance at something beautifully chaotic, life rendering, changing, and a way to rebel. The plaid shirts, baby doll dresses, and existential dirt emanating from that video was loud and it was pure rock and roll. Beyond Dave Grohl’s speed punk drums and Krist Novoselic’s infectious bass, there was the raw gravelly scream Kurt Cobain. That voice expressed pain, love, and a myriad of vivid emotions….” Read more here:

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