Harriet’s Legacies at Brock University


From the event site: “Harriet’s Legacies: Race, Historical Memory and Futures in Canada
Organized by Ronald Cummings, Natalee Caple, Gregory Betts, Kevin Gosine, and Tamari Kitossa
This important conference will highlight the historical presence of Black Canadians in Canada. The title refers to the crucial role that St. Catharines played in the Underground Railroad and the abolition of slavery. Harriet Tubman, who is recognized by UNESCO, as a freedom seeker, abolitionist and ‘conductor’ was the city’s most renowned participant in the Underground Railroad. Tubman and the Black citizens who helped to build St. Catharines are soon to be recognized by the opening of a new elementary school in downtown St. Catharines. The timing of the conference will help to connect the university and the broader community around shared goals of unity in diversity, the recovery and memorialization of Black history in Ontario and the promotion of general knowledge around the multiple accomplishments of Black Canadians”

I’ll be on a panel tomorrow, October 22nd:

2:00-3:15 Panel 3: Creative Writing / Writing Through Race and Building
Better Communities
Chair: Natalee Caple
Kaie Kellough
Jacqueline Valencia
Klyde Broox
Clifton Joseph

Full event schedule here:  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40344925/Harriet.pdf

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