Back from the grave.

My last entry on this blog was from 2017 which seems like ages ago. A lot has gone on between then and now and while most of it has been a struggle. There have been some creative highlights.

In February I wrote about changing how I review film:

There will be more pieces on the site. I have draft sitting aimlessly waiting for editing and cohesion. Did I tell you about the struggle? Heh.

My book LILITH was published in 2018 by Desert Pets Press. You can get a copy there on their site. It’s a book of witch poems and the entanglements that women go through in connections, separations, and isolations only to find themselves in nature as themselves.

One of my short stories was also published in the awesome anthology, GUSH: Menstrual Manifestos For Our Times (Frotenac House, 2018). You can also buy it at their site.

Currently I’m the administrator and a resident at the InPrint Collective’s Poetry inPrint, bringing writers and printmakers together to create chapbooks. Take a look:

And I’m continuing by restarting the James Joyce project of rewriting Ulysses at

As it is I’m applying for grants, working on a novel, and trying to get back into the swing of things. Much like the witches in my book LILITH I am hoping to find myself in nature again, to find what this whole struggle is really all about.

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