New writing things.

It’s been a while since I’ve written in here since much of promotion is done through social media as opposed to blogs these days. However, since new adventures are afoot, I thought I’d pop in and relate a few things.

Cook Run Write is my new food blog: Something I started over the pandemic and actually covid this year, has been trying out new foods from the comfort of my home. I work from home a lot and don’t really go out much. This endeavor both a move forward to a healthier/sustainable lifestyle, and a way of creative expression.

In turn, I’ve been doing some food writing over at The West End Phoenix: The latest April issue features an interview/feature I did of Miguel Angel Garcia:

I will also be doing a reading of one of my Toronto stories at the end of May, so come out and join us!

Other writerly things are to be announced, but I am not allowed to say yet. However, I’m excited and looking forward to a productive year.

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