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“Best Day with Gaius” acrylic on canvas 18 x 24 2013

2014-12-11 09.47.09

“Charlie” acrylic on canvas 2013


“Charlie Scream” acrylic on canvas 2013


“Crush Letters” ink and marker 2013, SOLD.


“Crush” ink and watercolour 2013


“Introducing Charlie and Crush” ink and pencil 2013


“Crush” acrylic on canvas 2013

“The Kiss” acrylic on canvas


Drawings for my chapbook “Maybe” and the Sketchbook Project Arthouse Co-op. ink, pencil, digital, 2012


“Home” Acrylic on canvas. Part of the “Charlie and Crush Are Here” exhibit at Playful Grounds April 2013


Detail from “Cindy vs Time: stream of consciousness comic book” for Sketchbook Project Limited Edition 2012

“Debord” (Watercolor and ink), 2012

Panels & cells from my chapbook “Maybe” and the Sketchbook Project 2011/2012

 “I told you to be still.” Acrylic on canvas, 2011.

“Self-Portrait” October 2012

Fashion Illustration for Heo Hwan at London Fashion Week for Amelia’s Magazine

“Jamie”  pencil and ink, 2012

Fashion Illustration for Sarah Arnett Modern Love 2012 Collection for Amelia’s Magazine  

“Jax Cato with Cat” pencil and ink, 2012


A few cells from my chapbook “Maybe” 

“Untitled” – Watercolor Pencil, 1993

“Testament” – Acrylic and Watercolor Pencil, 1992

Run Comics is a project I started in 2011:


  1. Awesome artwork! I was on Twitter actually and decided to take an adventure and am glad that I did; got me to you and your cool beans stuff. Keep up the awesome!

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