An update: I drew a Batman comic, new story to be published, and more stuff.

1. The other day while watching The Dark Knight, my husband says, “They never show Batman putting on his eye makeup before going out.”

True! So I sketched this out (click to enlarge).

I hope to do more comics soon. You can find some old stuff here as well:

2. Little Fiction is publishing one of my new stories, “Dust,” on their site! You may remember them from the Listerature anthology where you find my list story (“Open”). I’m very excited. The story will have its own cover and will be among some stories I really enjoy there. Check out The Exchange by Shawn Syms, Year of the Dragon by Will Johnson, or Little Birds by Sarah Flynn.

I’ll post more info when I know more.

3. The Cumberland Cinema is closing for good today.  A big part of my 1990s experience was skipping class and seeing independent films there. My sister, Jenn, and I used to meet up, hike over to Kensington Market to get some fancy vintage clothes, and then round off the day with a movie there. You could smell the popcorn as you waited in line for the film festivals outside.

Today I get a text from her as she was heading over to Cumberland: “It’s the end of an era!”

She’s been working the Hot Docs Festival and is catching the last flick there. I’m sorry to be missing it.

4. I’m almost done reading Gary Anderson’s Best of All Possible Worlds. I’m digesting a more thorough review, but for those of you who are interested, this is what I think of it.

“Best Of All Possible Worlds is a unique delight to read. Written as a sort of sequel to “Candide,” Anderson recreates Voltaire’s narrative style, but with a conceptualist’s eye. He takes a small fragment from Candide and builds a rich story upon it that is full of comedic turns of phrase and an absurdity reminiscent of Alfred Jarry’s “Ubu Roi.” 

I continue to be impressed with Gary Anderson’s literary genius and I highly recommend Best Of All Possible Worlds to anyone looking for a critical and fresh look at the world.”

5. I received an email from the Arthouse Co-op 2012 Sketchbook Tour which said:

We just wanted to let you know that Anne P. just viewed your sketchbook (#S57483) at Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, IL!

Your book has been viewed 1 time so far.

The Brooklyn Art Library Librarian

That’s awesome. See if my sketchbook is coming to you soon here:

My Tika is travelling the world!

6. My manuscript for “Tell Me About My Hair Dryer? Yea or Nay?” is coming along. For now you get a snapshot in my latest adventures with my telescope. Here’s last night’s Supermoon as seen through my iPhone looking through my telescope at its lowest magnification lens.

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