The first day of 729 days of writing Ulysses by hand.

ulysses page 1
ulysses page 2


As per last week’s post upon finishing my retype of Joyce’s Portrait Of The Young Artist As Young Man, today I began writing the entirety of Ulysses by hand into a paper journal. I’ve included here the first two pages.  Scans of all my writing for it will be posted up at the blog: Getting Inside James Joyce’s Head.

UlyssesValenciaPg1       UlyssesValenciaPg2

I am copying the 1993 Oxford Press of Ulysses which I bought for my English Modernism & Post-Modernism 2nd year university class at the University of Toronto. I’ve carried this copy for many years with me. It’s torn up and written on. I’ll be playing with the text. I won’t be changing the words or diverting from what is written in the original copy. I want to experiment with the letters and the words as visual mediums. It is 729 words long, therefore, it will take me 729 days to complete my writing.

Looking forward to the adventure.

For now, here’s my Pulp Hero Micro-Fic: Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus are two lost souls who are unaware of their powers. Bloom is an introvert who brings truth in the definition of self. Dedalus moves mountains in his search for identity. Together these two heroes forge freedom to a world in transition. However, it is one woman, Molly, who exposes Bloom for who he really is: the one and only, ULYSSES!




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