OULIPOST: Day 13 (Epithalamium)


Google Image search: Thelen and Brown



Thelen and Brown

The noble Heron

loner tower throne

bore north where

Newton lore

brew beer.


Lo! Rebel Owl

belter note

tore heron heel,

Thrown ennoble bone below

none robe relent wheel.


‘Tween Hornet or Wren

wrote, “Renew whole worth,”

Owl treble rent, “No.”

Ether web Heron rote

newborn tree whole renown.




When I started OULIPOST, I wanted to use only The Wall Street Journal, since I’ve been working with it for most of my found poetry this year. Since, WSJ doesn’t have wedding announcements, I googled for “Wall Street Journal Wedding Announcements” and found the story below. I used the first names of the people mentioned there.

* Lattman, Peter, “LB Wedding Announcement: Thelen Reid and Brown Raysman,” The Wall Street Journal, 13 April 2014: LAWYERS AND LAW FIRMS (online)

* http://www.foundpoetryreview.com/blog/oulipost-13-epithalamium/


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